Mophie’s new Powerstation AC battery pack is beefy enough to charge a Macbook

Battery-boosting tech specialist Mophie has launched a power pack beefy enough to juice-up big gadgets like laptops, rather than just pipe power to smartphones.

Sporting a standard A/C outlet in a battery pack with 22,000mAh on tap, the new Mophie Powerstation AC can rapidly fuel a MacBook or give it an extra 15 hours of battery life when on the move.

Rapid charging comes in the form of 30W USB-PD tech, a standard used by the likes of Google’s Pixel 2 phones and the iPhone X and iPhone 8, though you’ll need a USB-C to Lightning cable to charge Apple’s handsets.

For devices that support fast charging through USB-A, there’s a port for that on the Powerstation AC. And if you have multiple devices connected to the battery pack, you can select the device on plugged into the USB-A port to have priority charging over the other gadgets connected into it.

At $199, around £146, the Powerstation AC isn’t cheap but the flexibility it could offer users who travel about regularly for work or laptop based pleasure could be worth the steep price tag.

Mophie has also slathered the Powerstation AC with a fabric material to make it a little more appealing to the touch and less likely to scratch and dent any devices it’s put into a bag with. And the ability to charge everything from smartphones and laptops to cameras and tablets, should go some way to justify shelling out quite a bit of cash for a battery booster.

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