The LG V30 might be getting a Plus edition with better audio

The countdown is on to the launch of the LG V30, which is widely expected to be everything the G6 wasn’t and then a little more.

However, according to reports on Friday, the Korean company will also unveil a a V30 Plus edition on August 31.

According to ET News, the Plus will have double the max storage at 128GB and include wireless charging. If true, that means the standard V30 probably won’t.

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The report also says there’ll be a different “audio system.”

Given the V10 and V20 have been flag-bearers in that department, we’d hope that LG doesn’t skimp on the V30 in favour of a more premium V30 Plus.

The LG V20 was widely heralded for its Quad-DAC audio support.

Recent reports suggested the company might be including Bang & Olufsen technology in the V30, but might that be reserved for the V30 Plus?

LG V30 release date revealed?

Both phones are said to rock the same specs elsewhere, meaning the same sized screen and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.

The cameras, RAM, battery life and IP68 dust/waterproof rating will also be identical, the report says (via Android Authority).

The report also gives us potential insight into the price and release date of the V30 series phones.

Apparently, they’ll be released on September 15 in South Korea. Pricing will be the equivalent of £540 and £670 respectively.

Earlier this week, the company may have accidentally pre-empted the launch via actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s HITRECORD production company/creative-collaborative platform.

The video showed a practically bezel-less display and what appears to be a thinner device. You can also see the dual camera and a fingerprint sensor on the rear of the phone.

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