Best Amazon Echo deals in August 2017

Best cheap Amazon Echo deals: All the best prices on Amazon’s Alexa-equipped smart speaker.

The Amazon Echo is arguably the best smart speaker you can buy, coming with the Alexa virtual assistant to keep you on top of all your digital needs. And if you’re yet to catch up with the smart speaker phenomenon, now is the time. Luckily, we’ve got all the best cheap Amazon Echo deals right here for your convenience. You’re welcome!

Best cheap Amazon Echo deals – What is the Echo and Alexa?

The intuitive speaker works as the first AI personal assistant to live in a dedicated digital device. Primarily, Alexa is there to answer your questions, whether schedule related, weather related, or, well anything related.

The inconspicuous black/white design blends into most home environments and is in no way intrusive or overbearing. The Bluetooth connected speaker offers 360-degree audio, while the seven multi-directional microphones mean you can use Alexa effortlessly whether you’re close by, or on the other side of the room.

You control the internet-connected tech with voice commands so it couldn’t be easier to get updates and generally boss Alexa around. The Amazon Echo is the first generation of the technology, although countless updates since its launch mean it’s already worlds away from the initial release.

Best cheap Amazon Echo Deals

Certified Refurbished Amazon Echo, Black for £99.99, saving you £40.00 (29%)

Buy now: Amazon

The Echo retails for £149.99, and right now, you’d be hard pressed to find it for any cheaper. However, Amazon does offer refurbished models at a discount. This is a great refurb deal.

£15 off for American Express customers

See offer: Amazon

It’s worth noting that Amazon are currently running a special offer in partnership with American Express to offer membership rewards. If you happen to be an AmEx user, cash in your points and you can receive £15 off your eligible purchase online at Offer valid until October 31, 2017.

Amazon Echo Dot

Best cheap Amazon Echo Deals – Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Dot is a smaller alternative to the main speaker, standing at just 3.2cm tall (imagine a futuristic hockey puck) making it more space efficient in the home. But, as a result, it does offer a weaker sound, though it still serves its purpose fully. Plus, if you want to give it a volume boost, it is possible to attach an external speaker via 3.5mm jack or Bluetooth.

Best cheap Amazon Echo Dot Deals

Certified Refurbished Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation), Black for £44.99 from Amazon

Buy now: Amazon

The Dot currently retails at £49.99. The cheapest amongst the large retailers is £49 from Tesco and Argos – a small £0.99 saving in comparison to average prices. However, once again you can get refurbished models direct from Amazon for cheaper.

Amazon Echo

Other cheap Amazon Echo deals

Buy an Echo and Echo Dot and get £40 off

Buy now: Amazon

For those who missed the recent Amazon Prime Day sale, Amazon are offering a huge £40 off when you pair up and buy both the Amazon Echo and Echo dot. So if you want to add a personal assistant to two rooms or want to get in on the deal with a mate, now is the perfect time. Simply use the code ECHOANDDOT at checkout to save £20 on the bundle – bringing the total cost down to a very reasonable £179.99.

Buy one external Echo Battery Charge for 30.99 and get a discount on selected products

Buy now: Amazon

Picking up this external battery for the Echo will allow you to get a discount on other products offered by the same seller.


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